Celebrate Earth Day With 5 Movies About Life After Earth

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Last week was a rough one for everyone around. Explosions, manhunts, everything felt like a movie but not in a good way. This week promises to be different. For one thing, it just seems statistically unlikely we can have two consecutive weeks as bad as last week. For another, it starts of with Earth Day! Of course, Earth Day might remind you of the environmental havoc we are wreaking on Earth and the fact that in the Netherlands, a non-profit called "Mars One" is planning a Mars colony for 2023 (FOR REAL), and that two possibly inhabitable planets have recently been discovered out in the universe. Thinking of Earth Day as more like a birthday party for someone with a terminal disease might get you depressed and start you on a dark downward spiral. I have another idea. First: do something, at least virtually. Second, let these movies remind you that even if everything fails, life off-Earth isn't all bad.

1. Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy
If Hitchhikers' Guide taught us anything, it is that Earth, comparatively, isn't all that great anyway. This movie will motivate you to cultivate friendships with weirdos, as they may be the alien that saves you at the very last moment.

2. Avatar
After Avatar came out, there were people that fell into depression because they were so sad it wasn't real. But who SAYS it isn't real? Maybe we just haven't found Pandora, the perfect planet, yet.


3. Serenity

If we can't live on Earth, I want to be a space cowboy.

4. Return of the Jedi (NOT Empire Strikes Back!)

If not living on Earth means I get to live with Ewoks, I'm ready to say goodbye to the whole thing.

5. Wall-e 

I mean, yes, this is a love story between two robots, with about as dim a view of humanity as one can put in a Disney animated feature. That said, maybe the view is right. Maybe the robots deserve love AND our planet, since we can't seem to get it together on either front.