Downton Abbey Recap: A Great Many Noses Will Be Out Of Joint But The Postman Will Remain Happy

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jimmy200Welcome once again to your Downton AbbeySeason 3 Recaps! SPOILER ALERT! I am about to tell you what happened in Episode 3, so if you don't want to know, act like Edith and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! With all the weddings out of the way, hopefully, it looks like we can get deep into old school Downton intrigue! Are you ready? Then join me, why don't you?

This episode starts off with mail. Of all the forms of communication that happen at Downton, mail is by far the most dramatic so this is a promising start. Even though, as we soon realize, in this case the drama is being caused by our favorite blonde detective, Anna, NOT getting mail.

Over in Downton Oz there is also a conspicuous lack of mail. Since Anna and Bates are true loves, and will remain so even if it is revealed that he is a wife murderer, it is clear that something tricky is afoot. Personally, I'm not worried. I've said it before but Bates just looks like he'd be a big deal in prison.

The sending and/or not sending of important letters continues with Mrs. Crawley, the savior of all downtrodden street walkers. Her mail situation is complicated: she has a letter she did not write, which she must give to someone else so they can send it to someone ELSE. My understanding of the British postal system is clearly incomplete; is it like Facebook where you can only send messages to people you know? And finally, Mrs. Crawley acknowledges the real elephant in the room: how weird everyone is about the word "prostitute."

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