8 Celebrities That Publicly Support Marriage Equality

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Everybody knows that Hollywood is a den of sin and that pop culture, starting with Elvis's swing hips, is worth at least two Horseman of the Apocalypse. So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that celebrities are taking to social media to voice their support of gay marriage this week while the Supreme Court hears arguments on Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. What follows are real things (verified by their presence on official Facebook pages, Instagram feeds, YouTube channels, etc.) that celebrities are saying about gay marriage:

1. Madonna: Not a huge surprise. Remember "Vogue"? That girl will be paying her debt to the gays for the rest of her life.

Via Madonna/Facebook

2. Beyonce: The internet let out a collective "awwww" at this hand-written sign from Bey that surfaced Tuesday.

Via Beyonce/Facebook

3. President Obama: Sure he wasn't the FIRST person on the marriage-for-all bandwagon but since he came around, Barack Obama has started lobbying the Supreme Court and his constituents to see marriage as a human right. Hearts and minds and anything to distract from drone strikes, am I right?

Via President Obama/Facebook

4. SF Muni: Only in San Francisco does the city bus have an opinion.

Via @OnlyinSF/Twitter

5. Gavin Newsom: Like Muni, Gavin is a San Franciscan with an opinion. When he started marrying gay couples in 2004, even a lot of gay people said it was too soon. Now he's back, expressing his (now much more socially acceptable) opinion on his Tumblr page.

Via Gavin Newsom/Tumblr

6. Chris KluweI know this isn't very fair or balanced of me but: Chris Kluwe is the best football player of all time ever. First, he is hilarious. Second he is SMART and hilarious (read or reread his incredibly graphic open letter on Deadspin to a Maryland state delegate who thought football players shouldn't openly support gay marriage) and third, he is cute. I don't care at all, not one single bit, about football, but Chris Kluwe makes me care, at least about Chris Kluwe. On Tuesday he posted a sadly profanity-free op ed for PolicyMic about why our generation, Millennials, care about same-sex marriage.

NFL player Chris Kluwe speaks onstage at the fifth annual PFLAG National Straight for Equality Awards, April 4, 2013 in New York City.
NFL player Chris Kluwe speaks onstage at the fifth annual PFLAG National Straight for Equality Awards, April 4, 2013 in New York City. (D Dipasupil/Getty Images for PFLAG)

7. Lord Renly of Game of ThronesOh Lord Renly! You left us too soon! If only you could have stuck around to see how this plays out, maybe you could have married your true love instead of his sister.

Via Game of Thrones/Instagram

8. Macklemore: His song "Same Love,"  which says things like: "If I was gay/I would think hip-hop hates me" and "No freedom til we're equal/Damn right I support it" and "And a certificate on paper isn't gonna solve it all/But it's a good start," has had backlash because he's white and straight and backlash to the backlash because, let me stand on my soap box and scream for just a second: HE CAN'T HELP THAT HE IS WHITE AND STRAIGHT! He is a hip-hop artist. He is trying to say something positive, do something with his fame and haircut besides get fancy cars (I'm looking at you Bieber), and he's doing a pretty great job of it. Watch his video, which is making the rounds on social media like a wildfire made out of images guaranteed to make you feel feelings. Don't be embarrassed if you cry.