What is San Francisco's Version of the Pizza Rat?

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This article is more than 7 years old.
Templeton, from 'Charlotte's Web.' (Hanna-Barbera Productions)

Have you ever wondered what happened to Templeton, the scrappy scavenging rat from Charlotte's Web? Well, friends, Templeton appears to be alive and well in New York City -- at least according to a video by one Matt Little, showing a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the stairs of the First Avenue L subway station.


While our good friend Pizza Rat flies around the Internet today as the embodiment of all that is New York City, I can't help but think: what is San Francisco's version of the Pizza Rat? Surely, we have pizza-by-the-slice joints, and rats, but are either of the two quintessentially San Francisco? I think not.

Especially with Philadelphia already in the race with Cigarette Crab, it's time San Francisco gets a wacky viral mascot of its own.

A Pomeranian dragging a Mission burrito? A seagull dragging a California roll? A bedbug swimming in an $8 cup of pour-over coffee?


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