All The TV Shows That Deserve Their Own Clothing Lines, From Empire to Game of Thrones

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The tween punk friendly clothing brand Hot Topic recently made a brilliant decision launching an Orphan Black inspired clothing line. Now you can rock Cosmina’s bohemian style or something more hardcore like Helena's. Orphan Black is not the first television show to get in the clothing game and it won't be the last; there's the Mad Men collection with Banana Republic and, thanks to The Limited, we can all feel like Olivia Pope.

And why not? For many shows, clothing plays a critical role in setting mood and tone, bringing the creator’s vision to life. You could almost argue that, for a series like Mad Men in particular, the wardrobe is a character unto itself. So let’s take a moment to see which other beloved shows deserve their own fashion line!

Walking Dead

Walking Dead collage

When the world is dealing with a zombie apocalypse, functionality matters, which is something designer Maharishi understands very well, as evidenced by its Spring/Summer 2015 line.



empire 3

Although the men have very distinct styles of their own (those scarves), Cookie always steals the show with her fierce looks. Now you can get a taste of her chic animal print with these looks from Giorgio Armani's Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Orange is the New Black


While the prisoners of Litchfield Penitentiary are limited in their clothing options, you have to admit they do make orange look good. Agatha Kowalewski and Sarah Schofield, the creators of the Australian clothing line ASSK, see the potential of the new neon black.

Fresh Off the Boat


Fresh Off The Boat has been making waves for its portrayal of an Asian American family in very suburban Florida. While the comic chops of the cast are worth a watch, so are the super fly fashions of the '90s. Little Eddie Huang swaggers with the best of them with his Notorious B.I.G. tees and track suits, and you can see those influences in Astrid Anderson's men's Spring/Summer line.


gotham jps

Let's face it, Gotham is as much a city of heroes as it is of villains, but  it seems like the people living in the shadows have the better outfits. If you've been dying to dress like the formidable Fish Mooney, you can check out steampunk inspired looks that make up the Mathieu Mirano spring 2014 collection.

Downton Abbey

downton collage

Downton Abbey is known for its grandeur and sheer luxury, so it makes sense that the king of romance and opulence, Valentino, came out with a line that reflected the best that Downton's era had to offer.

Game of Thrones

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 3.55.56 PM


There's a lot to love about Game of Thrones. Aside form the drama and conniving characters, the inventive looks of key players like Daenerys is another great reason to tune in. Although characters wear everything including fur from head to toe to scraps of cloth, Helmut Lang was able to create some outfits that even we regular people can get a way with.


What other shows do you think deserve their own fashion line? Leave your ideas in the comments!