Downton Abbey Recap: Bizarro Downton and the City of Angels

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mattWell friends, somehow it happened. We made it to the very last last episode of Season 3. How far we've come! Why, when we started Little Sybbie was just another nameless fetus living in Ireland and Big Sybbie was, well, alive. Remember, as always,SPOILER ALERT. And also, as always, stay tuned for the Character Ranking at the end of the recap. WHO WON SEASON 3? Hey, no peeking!

We begin without the dog's butt which can only mean one thing: DISASTER. A year has passed. So I guess we have to feel less sad about Dead Sybbie and more happy about Cute Sybbie?

Apparently the family is organizing to go on a fly fishing trip. Everyone, including the staff, looks very sad about this. Is this because they have all become vegans in the last year and they ethically don't eat fish anymore?

Sad Panda Molesley (which I've been misspelling all season by the way, but he's such a Sad Panda NO ONE EVEN NOTICED OR CARED) says something sad and stupid. The Molesley character is basically exactly Lutz from 30 Rock (RIP), right?

It is the future from last episode so Thomas and Jimmy the Traitor are working together but Jimmy uses his serious face the whole time because he is scared of gays and even though Carson and Robert are total allies, I guess they forgot to do an awareness seminar during New Staff Orientation this year.


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