Miss the Holidays? Here Are Some Unconventional Ones to Celebrate

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What’s a person to do after Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras, when there’s a long stretch of time before the next official holiday? How can we survive without a day off or — dare I sugest this — a month without a theme party?

Never fear. While some people may not consider such celebrations as Public Sleeping Day relevant holidays, I do. Here’s a sampling of new slots for your social calendar, ones not dictated by company slogans but rather by Ferris Bueller’s motto: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


6: National Frozen Foods Day

Quite frankly, I know plenty of people who don’t need an excuse to channel their inner Napoleon Dynamites and spend the entire day eating Tater Tots. But really, today is the day to do whatever you want, gosh!


14: Pi Day

This math holiday will be extra special this year because it’ll be 3/14/15. Why is that important, you ask? Well, pi = 3.1415... I’ll let you calculate out the rest of the digits.

16: Everything You Do Is Right Day

I'm sure you can think of plenty of days in your life that don’t fall under this March 16 designation, so won’t it be nice to know that for just one day everything you do is right? Consider buying a lottery ticket on this day.

22: International Goof Off Day

Like you need an excuse, you party animal, you.


10: Siblings Day

I personally enjoy celebrating this holiday by posting funny photos of my brother on the internet, but I’m sure you can come up with your own ideas.

11: Barbershop Quartet Day

Sure, the holiday celebrates the founding of the Barbershop Harmony Society, but surely we can also celebrate the fabulous Ragtime Gals:

22: Earth Day

This isn’t a wacky holiday but one I enjoy celebrating. Should we all get the day off to go plant trees? I certainly think so!

23: Talk like Shakespeare Day

Time to celebrate the Bard’s 451st birthday and party like it’s 1564!


4: Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you!

12: Limerick Day

Also known as the day everyone in Nantucket claims to be from somewhere else to avoid hearing a year’s worth of dirty limericks.

14: National Chicken Dance Day

I bet today’s a popular day for weddings. It would appropriate if today was also National YMCA day. And it's probably time we started a Macarena dance day too.


1: National Go Barefoot Day

While some people see today as a great excuse to tiptoe through the tulips with bare feet, others take the holiday a step further and use it as an impetus to donate shoes to the less fortunate. Either way, it’s a good excuse to air out your toes!

10: National Iced Tea Day

This holiday is the perfect excuse to take off from work (it’s a hump day this year) and go find a hammock to rest in, as you let the afternoon slip by.

18: National Splurge Day

Well, we’ve already established we’re party animals who know how to do everything right, so we might as well live a little.

21: Go Skateboarding Day

What a sick ollie, dude! Today’s a good day to chillax and channel your inner skater. Don't forget to turn on some good '90s alt-rock and punk music, while you're at it!


10: Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Borrow a friend’s kid and make a day of it!

13: Embrace Your Geekiness Day

In case Pi Day wasn’t enough, there’s also this July holiday.

19: National Ice Cream Day / Month

Technically, all of July celebrates ice cream…so I’m not sure why you’ve been waiting this long! Ronald Reagan sure knew how to create great holidays!


10: National S’mores Day

Mmm. Is it also National Ghost Stories Day?

13: International Lefthander’s Day

People who are left-handed are thought to be more adaptable, creative, artistic, and intuitive…or so I’ve often been told by my left-handed friends. Go, lefties!

15: National Relaxation Day

Time to go on vacation!

25: Kiss And Make Up Day

Is this a scheme from the flower and chocolate industries to make sure they still get orders in August? Perhaps. But you can't really knock an excuse to make out.


5: Be Late For Something Day

I find it funny that a teacher website has activities for this holiday. I guess that explains the clip below.

19: International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy! Fun fact: Facebook lets you change the language to English (Pirate). And that’s just one of the many reasons why I love this holiday.

25: National One-Hit Wonder Day

VH1 rates the “Macarena” as the best one hit wonder, but I’m personally partial to their #4 listing, Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” Try getting either of those songs out of your head now...

October / November / December:

Since we’re getting into the major holidays in these last few months, we have to be more selective with our extra celebrations. Go ahead and enjoy World Smile Day (October 3), National Sandwich Day (November 3), Square Dance Day (November 29), and National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (December 16).

And, just like that, your year suddenly got a lot more exciting! Time to celebrate!