8 People Who Made Harlem Shake Videos Interesting

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Remember last week? It seems so long ago. An asteroid buzzed the Earth. A meteor hit Russia. Cops turned Los Angeles upside down. The President gave a major address.

And... oh yeah, there was the Harlem Shake.

As the latest meme to sweep pop culture, the Harlem Shake probably reached its peak last week when it was the subject of stories by mainstream media outlets like USA Today, The Atlantic and CBS. Then it jumped the shark. Everyone has been doing it lately - from sports teams to grandparents to public media organizations - and most of their videos have been forced and forgettable. By the summer, you'll probably need to Google 'Harlem Shake' to remember what all the fuss was about.

Still, there are reasons to look back on the Harlem Shake meme with appreciation. It was kinda fun, as watching a good Harlem Shake video was like playing a much more enjoyable version of "Where's Waldo?" You often re-loaded the page and re-watched the video to find the interesting things and people in the background.


So let's look at 8 of the people who made Harlem Shake videos interesting.

1. The University of Georgia men's swim team member wearing the Stormtrooper mask. Because memes are always more interesting when they involve amazing feats of endurance.


2 and 3. Matt and Kim. Because they made you wish you had been at this show.


4 and 5. Superman and Wonder Woman. Because they seem like the awesomest parents ever.


6. The Alien. Because you now know what costume you're going to wear for Halloween this year.

Who to look for.
Who to look for.


7. The guy on the table petting the cheetah. Because he's a guy on a table petting a cheetah. (If only it was a real cheetah.)

Who to look for.
Who to look for.


8. The woman with the mustache video bombing.Because hopefully she'll serve as inspiration for the next great meme.

Who to look for.
Who to look for.