Try Not To Get Mad But A 'Party Of Five' Reboot Is Coming

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This article is more than 3 years old.
The original 'Party Of Five.' (Fox)

Were you even alive in the '90s if you didn't tune in to witness the weekly overwrought adventures of the Salinger family in Party Of Five?

Set in San Francisco, it was about a bunch of siblings making their way in the world after their parents die in a car crash. It had Matthew Fox and Jeremy London competing with each other for floppiest '90s haircut. It had Neve Campbell pouting and Jennifer Love Hewitt smizing. It had Scott Wolf's dimples and inflexible shoulders. There was also a helium-voiced child and a baby too.

Storylines covered subjects like alcoholism, domestic violence, cancer and sex. It also had a theme tune that was simultaneously very similar to but somehow 100 times better than the one from Friends.

The idea that anyone would attempt to reboot Party Of Five with a different cast is the type of thing almost guaranteed to get 30 and 40-somethings grabbing the nearest pitchforks and marauding in protest. (You know, like when Netflix threatens to take Friends out of rotation, or when someone says they don't think My So-Called Life needed a second season.) You might want to take a few deep breaths though because that's the reality we're currently facing.


Freeform is throwing a brand new, 10-episode run of Party Of Five our way this year, whether we want it or not. But before you spit on your own rug and throw your television out the window, you might want to take a look at the trailer. Spoiler alert! The parents aren't dead this time, they are undocumented, taken away in cuffs by ICE agents, and deported. Whaaaaaaaaat?!

The fact that oral thrush and training bras are both casually dropped into the very first trailer is a pretty solid indication that the new Party Of Five is going to be keeping things real—possibly even more so than the original. (Who was paying the property tax on the Salingers' massive mansion, anyway?) Plus—phew!—there is at least one floppy '90s haircut involved.

If you're still not sold, we'd like to offer you a little something to ease this uncomfortable transition: a scene from the original series that is so infuriatingly cheesy, you might stop caring about this altogether. Enjoy!