David Lynch Has Found a New Way to Terrify Us, Post 'Twin Peaks'

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This article is more than 4 years old.
A still from "Ant Head" by Thought Gang.

Since Twin Peaks ended last year, the world has really been lacking in terrifying, black-and-white, existentialist ponderings from David Lynch.

Some fans have found themselves missing this guy:

And lying awake at night wondering what's going on at the gas station from hell right now:


And, hey, it's been a really long time since that frog-bug-thing crawled into that girl's face.

So it's bound to be a relief for Twin Peaks fans everywhere that David Lynch is not done doing grotesque things to other people's faces. For his latest video project, Lynch constructed a head out of chicken, cheese and mortician's wax, and filmed as ants consumed it. Remarkably, this is the second such "Ant Head" he's made—the first was featured on the cover of Julee Cruise's 1993 album, The Voice of Love.

The jarring, experimental soundtrack to this monstrous insect banquet is provided by Lynch and long-time collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, under the moniker, Thought Gang. It's not quite as disturbing as the Woodsman's "This is the water, this is the well" speech from Episode 7 of The Return, but it's pretty damn close.