Joni Mitchell At 75: A Birthday Quiz

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Joni Mitchell strums her guitar outside The Revolution club in London in 1968. (Central Press/Getty Images)

"Good Friends," here's "The Arrangement."

Joni Mitchell, a "Woman of Heart and Mind," turns 75 today. She's "A Lucky Girl."

To celebrate our "Solid Love" for her, try our Joni Quiz, a virtual "Banquet" of 75 questions about Joni's life and music. It's yours "For Free" — a kind of "Twisted" "Lesson in Survival."

"If" you're thinking "I Don't Know Where I Stand" and want to shout "Help Me," please do not call on the Internet. "No Apologies," it's all "Down to You." Don't cheat and "Be Cool."

Really, "All I Want" is for you to score big on this quiz. If so, treat yourself to dinner at a "Chinese Café." Score poorly? I guess you are a "Little Green." Consider it your "Last Chance Lost." I'm certainly "Not to Blame."


That's "The Way It Is."

"My Best to You,"

"Stay in touch."

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