David Schwimmer Just Won the Internet (But Not Our 'Friends' Poll)

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Today, in a brief poll of the KQED Arts office, 99 percent of Friends viewers said that the funniest character/actor on the show was Phoebe Buffay/ Lisa Kudrow. I was literally the only dissenter. I have long held the (clearly not very popular) view that Ross Geller/ David Schwimmer was the funniest Friend. Ross often gets overlooked because of his mopey start in the first two seasons (and that stupid monkey), but by Season 4, his physical comedy was pretty much the best thing in the show. By Season 5, we got paste pants, for crying out loud!

So, today, when Schwimmer responded to the online kerfuffle caused by a British thief caught on CCTV, looking just like the actor, I thought I was vindicated. "This is proof he is the funniest one!" I declared. "Maybe now everyone will join me on the Ross train!"

Here's the original beer-thief:


Here's how Schwimmer responded:

While I'm sure we can all agree that David Schwimmer is definitely still hilarious, no one, ultimately, was willing to abandon Phoebe and get on my side. We probably shouldn't even still be arguing about this, 14 years after the show ended. That being said, feel free to weigh in!