Let's Unpack All the WTF-ness of Rihanna's New Savage X Fenty Campaign

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Faces of the new Savage X Fenty campaign.

The latest Savage X Fenty ad campaign dropped this morning, and it is EXTRA! The clip starts by posing the question: "What would you do if you got stranded in the rainforest in your skivvies?" and only gets weirder from there.

Let’s unpack all the WTF-ness!

0.07: A woman is in the rainforest. She's lost her trousers, and there's a British guy narrating her every movement. Getting into something approaching the fetal position is entirely justifiable.


0.24: A nice lady in an Easter bonnet and her friend prepare for a tea party. It's going to be in the river but, hey, better than nothing.

0.36: Rihanna appears, wearing a mosquito net and throwing fierce shapes on the riverbank.

0.39: Fear and confusion sets in for a couple of other river ladies, thanks to the fact that the waterfall is flowing backward.

1.05: Rihanna's like "Get it together, babies. Haven't you ever had an underwear tea party in a backward waterfall before?"

1.20: Cut to the nearest bamboo-laden nightclub.

1.36: Oh, no! The ultraviolet light in the club is wreaking havoc with this woman's make-up. Her friend is like "Your brow liner has looked better, Susan."

1.40: And then Susan is like, "So has your contouring, Carol."

1.45: And then Rihanna's like, "Told you the waterfall party was better!"

The End.

You can watch the full, trippy Fenty X Beauty commercial below: