Cancel Burning Man Because These Newlyweds Already Did It

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 (The Hearnes)

Around the Bay Area, you can practically smell the dusty fur coats, Viking hats and apocalypse goggles getting dragged out of the attic in anticipation for Burning Man. If you're in the midst of prep for the weeklong desert gathering, you might want to put down those bedazzled hula hoops and put back that fire-dancing equipment, because a couple of professional slackliners have already beat you to everything—at their wedding.

That's right. What should have been this year's Burning Man already happened when Ryan Jenks and Kim Weglin got married two months after the last festival. The Moab, Utah ceremony took place 400 feet in the air, and had absolutely everything Burners love, condensed into a single day:

Strange structures in the desert:

What is that?
What is that? (The Hearnes)

Spontaneous painting in clashing fabrics:

Bob Ross with a twist.
Bob Ross with a twist. (The Hearnes)

Flexible humans:

Stretchin' it out.
Stretchin' it out. (The Hearnes)

Vehicle-based dressing rooms:

As good a place as any.
As good a place as any. (The Hearnes)

Aerial performers:

No fear of heights here.
No fear of heights here. (The Hearnes)

Tightrope walking:

Don't look down!
Don't look down! (The Hearnes)

Overalls, bongos and a xylophone:

An interesting trio.
An interesting trio. (The Hearnes)

Adults dressed as animals, blowing bubbles:

Cause why not?
Cause why not? (The Hearnes)

BASE jumping men in tutus:

Ahhh! (The Hearnes)

Someone hanging from a net on a hula hoop:

Hula hoops: not just for hula hooping anymore.
Hula hoops: not just for hula hooping anymore. (The Hearnes)

People finding themselves:

Yes! He did it!
Yes! He did it! (The Hearnes)

Sleeping in uncomfortable places:

Naps are important.
Naps are important. (The Hearnes)

And yes, a mid-air wedding:

They do!
They do! (The Hearnes)

Beat that, Burners!


Photographs courtesy of The Hearnes, a husband and wife adventure photography team, who can also be found on Facebook and Instagram