The Many Ways Jeff Goldblum Has Been Art

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Jeff Goldblum art on Etsy. (L) By ARV1 (C) By CamsArtPrints (R) By ZhanaART

This week, the natural endpoint of a trajectory we've been hurtling on for at least a decade finally landed just south of the River Thames in London, right next to the city's iconic Tower Bridge. It's a 25-foot statue of a shirtless, reclining, Jurassic Park-era Jeff Goldblum, and locals have fallen immediately in love with it.

The statue was erected to celebrate 25 years of Jurassic Park. But Goldblum has been the inspiration behind works of art -- both fun and practical -- for many years now.

The sexy Jurassic Park moment captured in the London statue has already been subject to a number of artistic interpretations.


There's this wondrous update of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam":

(Steam Artwork)

There's this painting by John Larriva, titled "Ian Malcolm: From Chaos":

For sale on inPRNT

You can pin this next to your heart where Goldblum already lives:

And there are memes and gifs for days, of course:

But it's not just Jurassic-era Jeff that has been deemed statue-worthy. This skit around Goldblum's Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok includes a lovely bust of his likeness:

He shows up in street art:

Plus fanzines and activity books:

What's more, tattoos of the 65-year-old heartthrob have become so commonplace that Goldblum himself has taken to rating them. (Spoiler alert: They pretty much all get "Ten Goldblums out of a possible ten Goldblums" because he's just nice like that.)

Australian artist, beabravo, may not have gone as far as permanent body art, but they did create these three, rather inspiring Jeff boxsets:

"Jeff Goldblum Trivia Prize Boxes for Netherworld," by beabravo.

Then there's the weird internet underbelly that recently went through a phase of turning Mr. G into, um, flowers -- lots and lots of pretty flowers -- for no reason whatsoever:

A variety of Jeff Goldblum flowers, courtesy of the internet doing its best.

If you want to get an impression of the full degree of Goldblum obsessiveness that exists in the world, just do a search for "Jeff Goldblum art" on Etsy. The result? Literally hundreds of JG line drawings, paintings, cross stitches, stickers, screenprints, patches, quote posters, plushies, parodies -- you name it, it's been Goldblum-ed.

A snapshot of just a handful of Goldblum-related art, available via Etsy.

Even rich people want Goldblum art, as demonstrated by the higher end artistic interpretations that can be found over at Saatchi Art. Sure, this organization has been sued by gallery owner Charles Saatchi for a breach of intellectual property, but still... look at all the lovely Goldblums!

And if you want Jeff Goldblum's likeness in your home, don't assume you are limited to mere paintings. There are tapestries:

For sale by Society6

And cushions:

And (I supposed we shouldn't be too surprised at this point) more than one kind of shower curtain:

In the end, Jeff Goldblum's is a visage that works in every context. Perhaps a run for President is inevitable. Thank goodness someone has already made one of these...