Discofoot is the World Cup Antidote We've Been Waiting For

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YouTube/CCN Ballet de Lorraine

Here at KQED Pop, the World Cup has been impacting us on a daily basis... but only because The Wendy Williams Show isn't running at its usual time and that's totally messing with our morning routines.

Apparently, "the FIFA World Cup attracted an average of 3.2 billion viewers in 2010 and 2014, making it the most watched overall live event on television worldwide in the 21st century." We are none of those people.

Thankfully, our plight (and general sense of boredom) has been recognized by a group of people who believe soccer just isn't fancy-footed enough. These heroes have taken the general principles of the game and made them significantly more beautiful. Welcome to the majesty that is Discofoot!

Discofoot is soccer, but with gold hot pants, spicy disco music, free-form dance moves, and zero gender divisions. The end result is pure, unfiltered joy on an astroturf dance floor. Just imagine how much better it would be if the World Cup looked and sounded like this:



Why these geniuses didn't have the good sense to call it Discoball is beyond us, but Discofoot might be the best thing to ever happen to soccer. (Sorry, David Beckham.)

Sure, no one seems terribly concerned about actually scoring goals here, but fighting to get control of the ball just seems undignified when there are splits to be done, ponytails to be whipped, and booties to be bounced. Just look at these champs in action:

Of course, as with so many of the great developments in art and culture, the French are behind this. They invented Discofoot while hosting the UEFA European Championship in 2016. With the United States, Mexico, and Canada hosting the World Cup in 2026, that gives us eight years to get our Discofoot teams formed and fabulous. Hop to it, dance-troupers!