Meet Victoria Swarovski, the Austrian Diva You Should Already Know

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Victoria Swarovski, April 27, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Florian Ebener/ Getty Images)

When it comes to sheer volume of fierce ladies per capita, the USA is so far out in front, it should probably be renamed Divamerica. Living on the same home soil as Mariah, Christina, Jennifer, and Ariana means that sometimes there's a diva on the other side of the world that we have no clue even exists. Case in point? Singer, TV presenter, and fashionista, Victoria Swarovski. This 24-year-old Austrian ticks every box when it comes to what America looks for in its top female celebrities, so let's get to know her in all of her eternally-filtered glory.

1. She's the heiress to the Swarovski crystal fortune. Look how humble she is in her 500,000-crystal-encrusted wedding dress that cost almost a million dollars!

Let's marvel at how many minions were needed to help her carry it!


And the fact that the happy couple probably got pelted with crystals instead of rice!

2. Like Mariah and Celine before her, Victoria married a wealthy older gentleman while very young. She started dating real estate mogul Werner Mürz when she was just 17. The two married six years later. Look how casual she is about being in love!

3. She has a major European pop career involving stage costumes that make Celine Dion look totally chill. (We assume everyone in the audience was clutching their hearts like the guy at the bottom of this pic.)

4. At the start of her music career, she had what can only be described as Paris Hilton-levels of credibility, thanks to dance anthems like this banger:

She has since moved into a genre she describes as "future pop with a touch of soul and R&B.”

5. She's previously referred to herself as "a girl out of the mountains," so it makes total sense that she has her very own "Jenny From the Block." "I don't need no diamond rings," she sings. "You should know without those things, I'm beautiful, I'm still beautiful. With all those shoes and fancy cars, You can't come and buy my love, I'm beautiful, I'm so beautiful."

Here she is on a yacht with (what we assume is) Germany's equivalent of Pitbull, demonstrating how fancy she isn't.

6. Her Instagram is full of totally natural pics that document Victoria going about her day-to-day business in super low-key and not-at-all-posed ways.

Like this casual coffee break:

And this "office day:"

And this spontaneous swim:

7. Her outward expressions of patriotism rival only Fergie's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," thanks to the literally stunning line of dirndl dresses and lederhosen she designed for Oktoberfest:

Swarovski's take on traditional German costumes/ Instagram/ @victoriaswarovski

8. She has been a judge on Das Supertalent (the German equivalent of America's Got Talent), which means she's basically Germany's other Heidi Klum!

9. She won the ninth season of Let's Dance, Germany's version of Dancing With The Stars.

Swarovski and Erich Klann celebrate after winning 'Let's Dance', 2016, in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images)

And audiences loved her so much, now she presents the damn thing! (Eat your heart out, Nicole Scherzinger...)

10. Her endgame involves an American career, so we might as well prepare for it now. “I would love to live in London someday,” she told The Independent. “If you’re in England and London, the step to America is not that far anymore.” She's prepping already:

You have been warned.