Everybody's Getting Stephen Hawking Tattoos

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The world woke this morning to the devastating news that Stephen Hawking has died, at the age of 76. In his fascinating life, the ground-breaking physicist changed how we looked at the universe and beyond. His contributions to mankind truly are immeasurable, and his loss will be deeply felt for years to come, which is why a multitude of people hit Twitter today to express their desire to get a Stephen Hawking tattoo.


The response wasn't all that surprising. People have actually been getting Hawking tattoos for years.

Lifelike portraits:

Excellent quotes:

This one says "While there's life, there is hope" in Latin:

This one says it in English:

Hawking's signature, as seen in Britain's Royal Society charter book:

Psychedelic facial renderings:

Full-body characterizations:

Wistful depictions:

Heroic horror mash-ups:

And even creatively cartoonish likenesses:


Clearly, Hawking's legend will live on in more ways than one.