Jinkx Monsoon Just Provided the Antidote to RuPaul's Trans Comments

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This article is more than 5 years old.
Jinkx Monsoon in the video for "Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues)"

RuPaul may have apologized on Monday for making trans-exclusionary comments during a recent interview with The Guardian, but the depth of disappointment felt by the LGBTQ community and its allies is proving pretty hard to shake off.

Prior Drag Race contestants made a grand effort on Twitter...


... but Season 5 winner, the incomparable Jinkx Monsoon, just sashayed in like America's fiercest fairy godmother and dropped a perfectly-timed antidote.

"Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues)" is a laid-back anthem that's equal parts defiant and exasperated. "There’s so much noise in the world today," Monsoon croons, "for whatever reason, we all get to have our say, but respect for which everybody begs, is hard to find with people so concerned with what’s between our legs.”

In the video, Monsoon saunters her way through a graveyard and across a beach, trailed by a crew of beautiful, blissed out babes who hang on her every word, canoodle with each other, and, possibly most importantly, do some scantily-clad (flag)pole-dancing.

"Just Me" isn't just the perfect pick-me-up after RuPaul's blunder, it's a timeless slice of gender optimism. "What does it matter if you’re a girl or a guy?" Monsoon purrs. "What does a label do? Don’t let them tell you that it’s do or die. I say buck up! They’re the f**k up! Don’t let them put the blame on you!"

If you have an aversion to half-naked flesh (particularly in the buttock region), don't click the video below. For everyone else? Here. Let Jinkx Monsoon fix everything!