An Odd Journey Through the Matching Tattoos of Celebrity BFFs

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This week, Tom Hardy got "LEO KNOWS ALL" tattooed on his perfectly formed bicep, after losing a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio. The new ink proves his enduring love for his Revenant co-star, as well as the fact that he's a man of his word... and also that he's not very good at betting... and also that he's not particularly worried about what kind of ink he gets. A stupid tattoo, you see, can be worth a thousand words.

Tom and Leo aren't the first celebrities to be linked through body art though, and they won't be the last.

There are a couple of tatted duos that come as a major surprise. Who knew that Kelly Osbourne and Cara Delevingne were close enough for this?


Or that Hilary Duff is somehow best friends with Alanna Masterson from the Walking Dead? And is fun enough to get a tattoo this silly?How did these two even meet? The mind boggles...

The questions only continue when you find out that Cara Delevingne (her again!) and Margot Robbie have insane, matching, bottom-of-the-foot tattoos... and that Delevingne appears to have the word BACON on hers...

Talking of insane, Ed Sheeran has a small obsession with a Swedish stop motion penguin named Pingu. He's done impersonations of the bird in multiple interviews, so it's not terribly surprising that he also has the character tattooed on his arm. More surprising is that Harry Styles, out of love for Sheeran, got the word "PINGU" inked in yellow, precariously close to his armpit. (We can't help but feel Sheeran is a lot more invested in his Pingu tattoo than Styles...)

Ed Sheeran shows off his Pingu tattoo on MTV; Harry Styles hides his "Pingu" in an armpit.

Even less committed than Styles are Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. The buddies got inked by famed tattoo artist Jon Boy, who, based on his Instagram account, seems to specialize in giving tattoos to people who don't actually like or want tattoos. Which is probably why he had no qualms about giving Jenner and Baldwin white dots on the inside of their fingers. So... a color that fades to invisible, on an area where tattoos fall out after a short period. Hope you didn't pay too much for these, ladies!

Jenner and Baldwin could take a cue from Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne who didn't hold back with their buddy tatts -- dog heads with the phrase "With a Little Help From My Fwends" -- to mark Coyne and Cyrus's collaboration on the record of the same name. (Katy Weaver, who also joined in, is Coyne's girlfriend.)

Size isn't everything, of course. Just look at how Joe and Nick Jonas's arrows speak volumes! (I'm with stupid?)

Snapchat / Nick Jonas

In a similar vein, Beyonce and Jay Z's petite matching IV tatts symbolize their love, their unification in marriage, and their unbelievable ability to survive Lemonade-levels of pain and misery.

Unfortunately, the Sanskrit tatt Katy Perry got with ex-husband Russell Brand is going to last significantly longer than their union did. (It means "Go with the flow," which, clearly, neither of them quite managed.)

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

The men of the Lord of the Rings cast also opted for foreign language tattoos when each of them got -- nerd alert! -- the word "nine" in Elvish. (Is it just me or is there a small child with an ankle tattoo in this photo?)

Finally, there's the secret language of sometime lovers, Rihanna and Drake. Both have camo shark tattoos -- Ri-Ri's on her ankle, Drake's on his forearm. The shark apparently symbolizes a day they shared at a carnival (what carnival was that?!) where Drake won her a plush version:

Go forth with a loved one and ink safely, my friends.