Billy Zeng: Please Listen To Us

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 (Billy Zeng)

Asian Americans speak many languages, but in the midst of unprecedented attacks, they speak with one voice. Billy Zeng has this Perspective.

請聽聽我們 Please Listen to us

We are frightened, upset and frustrated

請跟我們說話 Please talk to us

In Hoisanwah, Thai, Mandarin,
In Vietnamese, Khmer, Cantonese In Korean, Japanese, Hakka,
In Tagalog, Cebuano, Teochew And in many languages we speak
Which may or may not include English


請看看我們 Please look at us

We are many in a loose category.
We are your doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, We are your janitors, caretakers, grocery workers We are your therapist, acupuncturist, masseuse

請認識我們 Please know us
We are not your model minorities.
We are not your immigrant poster child
We are not your tools used to diminish the suffering of others.

請幫幫我們 Please help us
We are also your tired, your poor, and your huddled masses.

請聽聽我們 Please listen to us
We are your friends
We are your heung li. We are your neighbors
We are your fellow Americans. 我們是你們的美國同胞

With a Perspective, I’m Billy Zeng

Billy Zeng is a fourth-year medical student at UCSF.