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Two people walk past a sign that says 'UC Davis Health' - with a large hospital in the background.

Minimum Wage Hike for California Health Care Workers Could Cost the State Billions

A white man wearing a suit holds a piece of paper at a podium and is surrounded by people cheering and clapping.

Most California Fast-Food Workers to Get $20 Minimum Wage Starting Next Spring

Two workers dressed in blue caps, blue shirts and orange aprons behind the counter of what looks like a movie theater, serving popcorn and soda

The Minimum Wage Just Went Up in Several Bay Area Cities. Are You Getting Paid the Right Amount?

A large group of protestors wearing red T-shirts march around California's Capitol building in Sacramento. Many are carrying yellow signs with red writing. One sign reads, "Which Side Are You On? Pass AB257."

This State Commission Could Investigate, Improve California Workers' Wages

woman with dark hair, wearing a mask, sits at a folding table in front of a stack of envelopes, with rows of people at similar tables in background

Californians With Developmental Disabilities Must Soon Be Paid Minimum Wage. Can the State Find Enough Good Jobs?

A woman wearing a surgical masks stands in front of a computer screen and medical equipment in a hallway.

California Health Workers Want Higher Wages. Industry Leaders Are Pushing Back

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao | Saru Jayaraman and One Fair Wage

A cook wearing a mask and black T-shirt stands behind a grill inside a restaurant kitchen. Another worker wearing a yellow T-shirt is bending over kitchen equipment in the background.

'A Deep, Systemic Problem': Persistent Backlogs Force State Audit of California Labor Commissioner's Office

A white man in a suit and tie explains something toward the camera.

Hundreds of New Laws Set to Go Into Effect in California in the New Year