A series of tents lined up along a city sidewalk.

San Francisco Will Enforce Sit-Lie Laws When People Refuse Shelter

a row of tents and wood boards up against motor homes under a freeway overpass

Alameda County Declares State of Emergency on Homelessness. What Does That Mean?

A tall, white, capital building is seen with an American flag raised on a pole.

Sacramento DA Sues City Over Failure to Sweep Homeless Encampments

Three tents line a sidewalk, with a person - back to camera - sitting on the curb in front of one of the tents.

Where Things Stand in San Francisco's Legal Battle Over Street Encampments

An African American woman in a blue suit dress looks on with a crowd of protesters holding signs as a white man in a suit and tie pumps his fist in the air while speaking into a microphone outside of a building.

SF's Encampment Sweep Debate

a row of tents in a plaza in front of city hall

Advocates Argue San Francisco is Violating Encampment Clearing Ban; Judge Says They're Not — For Now

A woman in blue stands next to a man in a suit with signs protesting and supporting homelessness in the background.

'An Impossible Situation': Tensions Rise as Federal Court Weighs Legality of SF Encampment Sweeps

Three images of the same building at different points in construction. In the first, it has a concrete facade. In the second, the building has no facade. In the third, it has a modern glass facade.

Could Empty Offices in San Francisco Be Converted to Homes?

Tents line a paved road near a sidewalk. A bicycle is on its side in front of a gray and navy tent with a blue tarp covering its roof. Scattered belongings and cardboard boxes cover the spaces between each tent. A city bus is seen driving in the background.

This California City Made a Huge Impact on Homelessness. Then Money Ran Out