half moon bay shootinghalf moon bay shooting

a farm seen from the road

Half Moon Bay Farm Where Mass Shooting Took Place Settles Workplace Violations For More Than $400,000

Half Moon Bay Farmworker Housing Gains Approval After Push by Newsom

A person with a goatee stands in front of a large group of people sitting in fold-out chairs in a room painted bright orange.

Half Moon Bay Mayor Calls Newsom's Legal Threat Over Farmworker Housing Unhelpful

A young immigrant man of Latino origin sits between a woman and a man with microphones in front on a desk and a mural depicting immigrant farmworkers on the wall behind.

Farmworker Who Survived Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Sues Farm and Its Owner

Half Moon Bay Farm Involved in Shooting Paid $126,000 in Workplace Violations

An aerial view of a number of trailers on a farm site.

Survivors of Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Struggle to Rebuild 1 Year Later

A man in a baseball cap stands in fallow fields and plays the accordion.

'Culture Cures': Accordion Classes for Half Moon Bay Farmworkers Offer Healing Through Music

Serious Workplace Violations Found at 2 Half Moon Bay Farms Where Mass Shooting Took Place

¿Qué es el programa de acción diferida de la administración Biden para trabajadores indocumentados?