Survey: Office Perks More Important to Employees With Improved Job Market

How important are office perks like telecommuting or flextime at your workplace?
A new survey by the employer rating website Glassdoor shows that as the economy improves, employees are less concerned about job security and more concerned about workplace benefits.
The study shows about a third of employees surveyed think they can get better perks if they go to work for a competitor. 
Rusty Rueff is Glassdoor’s career and workplace expert.  He says that’s a shift from when the company began surveys in 2008. 
Rueff  says that as the labor market gets tighter, employees are placing more importance on workplace benefits.
“So employee perks, especially those that are in the office like free food and drink, casual dress, pet friendly; those things become the differentiator and become what people are thinking about when they’re making that decision to go from one place to another,” says Rueff.
The survey also shows employee confidence in finding a new job is at a four-year high.
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