KQED 2020

We expect the 2020 presidential election to garner more attention and participation than any other in a generation, if the 2018 elections are any indication of interest. KQED is going to seize the opportunity to both cover the election comprehensively for our audiences, but also to do a yearlong deep dive to explore what it means to participate in a democracy.

Beginning in January 2020, we will launch a series of initiatives that span KQED content areas: from engaging students with our Election 2020 Youth Media Challenge, to science and arts coverage, to TV and radio specials, to our regular live events series “On Common Ground” that will explore what it means to be part of an active democracy. We’ll hear from first-time legislators, new voters, young people, ideas for reinvigorating local democracy and more. We will launch our Jerry Brown oral history project in January, during which he shares his rules of political engagement and looks back on his extraordinary political career. KQED’s Forum will visit college campuses and host a series of live conversations focused on new voters and how they view their role in 2020.

We hope you’ll join us and send us your feedback and ideas for this extraordinary year.

Holly Kernan, Chief Content Officer