Cartoon: a dirigible floats through the sky as a happy gold mining sourdough character jumps into the sky holding a pick ax and gold pan.

The Inventor and Artist Who Tried Starting the First Airline Service to SF ... in 1849

Cartoon: a BART system route map with colorful, tangled lines is titled, "route map for face masking." The lines are labeled, "BART, CA Dept. of Public Health, CDC, judicial system and right-wing activists."

Re-Requiring Face Masks

Cartoon: happy people celebrate around a "JFK Drive" sign in Golden Gate Park. The "drive" on the sign is crossed out and replaced with a list of "walk, cycle, skate, run, frolic, amble, anything but drive."

A Park for People, Not Cars

Cartoon: a man on a bus or train throws a face mask away while saying "hooray! Masks are strongly recommended!" A masked woman and child look on with concern.

Fast Track to Unmasking

A bank of BART turnstiles under bright strip lighting in a BART station, with people photographed from the back approaching the turnstiles.

BART Reinstates Mask Mandate, Only Bay Area Transit Agency to Do So

Cartoon: a flight attendant blows into a tube on an inflatable judge holding a gavel as shocked passengers look on. Over the intercom we read, "in the event of a mask mandate, flight attendants are instructed to deploy a trump-appointed judge from Florida."

Politicizing Public Health Decisions ... Again

Cartoon: a man fills his huge truck with gas at a gas station, looks over and sees a cyclist zipping by effortlessly. The man says, "showoff."

Fill 'Er Up ... and Up ... and Up ... and Up

A Black Tesla worker stands next to a partially assembled car on a factory assembly line

Tesla Discriminated Against Black Workers at Fremont Factory, State Lawsuit Says

An emergency exit as BART's 16th Street/Mission station in San Francisco.

Transit Breakdown (Literally): BART's Big Budget Trouble, Anemic Ridership and Whether the 'Normal' Commute Will Ever Return