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PG&E transmission line towers on the Caribou-Palermo line are seen adjacent to the Feather River in Butte County, near the spot where the Camp Fire began. In February, PG&E said it's "probable" that its equipment caused the blaze, the deadliest and most destructive in modern California history. Cal Fire investigators later confirmed that to be the case.

PG&E Exits Federal Probation Despite What Judge Calls Five-Year 'Crime Spree'

A person holds a handgun with both hands with other firearms in the background.

San Jose Becomes First U.S. City to Require Gun Liability Insurance

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Three photos of a woman.

'He Will Find Me': The Story of a Woman, Her Killer, and How California Courts Fail to Disarm Abusers

People stand in line outside of a court buidling.

South Bay Rep. Calls for Overhaul of Immigration Court System to Block Political Meddling

A man smiling in a black-and-white photo.

Why a California Program Allowing Prosecutors to Shorten Prison Sentences Is Catching on in Red and Blue Counties

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Cartoon: Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial saying, "I have a dream." The second panel shows Sen. Mitch McConnell saying, "I have a filibuster."

The More Things Change ...

mourners file past an open casket funeral, a large photo of the deceased as a young man playing basketball appears in background

Sister of Slain Oakland Security Officer Sues Facebook Over Killing Tied to Right-Wing Extremists