Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking behind a podium.

Newsom: California Has Record-Smashing $97.5 Billion Budget Surplus

Tall stacks at a refinery spew clouds of smoke.

Safety Agency Issues $1.75 Million in Fines Over Worker's Death at Valero Refinery

Alexandra Cousteau | This Week in CA News

Cartoon: Elon Musk waving a cowboy hat as he rides a ramshackle rocket labeled "free speech" that is spewing "conspiracies, hate, incitement and crypto hype."

Buckle Up for Rocket Man

A person's hand is on a laptop keyboard that displays a calendar on a desk.

32-Hour Workweek? New Bill Gains Traction in Sacramento

Cartoon: a label "inflation" points to a shocked woman and son with a shopping cart with some food and a chart that shows prices rising. The next panel is labeled "elation" and shows a corporate executive smiling, holding a piece of paper with an up arrow on it labeled, "corp. profits."

Inflation Is in the Eye of the Beholder

A person pushes a shopping cart in the aisle of a grocery store.

How Soaring Inflation Forces Stark Choices

SF Assembly Race | Congressmember Eric Swalwell

Smiling demonstrators, one wearing a straw fedora and colorful beaded necklace and the other a striped, multicolored facemask, hold signs reading 'I'm ready to march for the governor's signature.'

'Why Can't We Have the Same Rights?': Farmworkers Ask Newsom to Sign Bill Allowing Union Voting by Mail