A lone wolf lies outside in a patch of dirt and grass and looks at the camera.

OR93, the Famously Far-Ranging Gray Wolf, Is Found Dead Near Los Angeles

A woman closes the back doors of a van after taking out some equipment. The van is parked on the street in front of a row of houses.

San Francisco's Street Overdose Response Team Is Trying to Bring Clinical Care to the Streets

A metal cistern pumps a strong flow of water into a field full of green crops on a sunny day.

Satellites Are Becoming a Part of California's Water Conservation Strategy

The Supreme Court building, modeled on a classical Roman temple made of white marble with massive pillars and steps all around, is empty outside, with some cones blocking off the main entrance.

What the Recent Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Police Officers Means for Qualified Immunity

A person rolls up their sleeve as they sit down on a chair, as a person in a white lab coat works at a table behind them.

Breakthrough Infections May Not Be as Big a Threat as Researchers Once Thought

Two protesters hold signs. One says, "ICE Out: K-Town contra las redadas," or K-Town against mass deportations; the other says "Stop Biden's Deportations."

Biden Administration Orders ICE to Stop Mass Raids on Immigrants' Workplaces

A white clay bowl sits on a table, full of condoms in purple wrappers.

California First State to Make Nonconsensual Condom Removal, or 'Stealthing,' a Civil Offense

A long shot of a vast, dry field, with the small outline of a person just off the center.

California Farmers Are Storing Water in Underground Aquifers That Function Like Savings Accounts

On a modern, low-slung building with no windows, a big sign reading 'GEO' hangs on an exterior wall.

A Federal Court Blocks California's Ban on Private Detention Centers