A view of an aquaduct full of water with snow-covered peaks in the distance and clouds overhead.

California Lifts Water Restrictions, Amid Exceptionally Wet Winter

A cook wearing a mask and black T-shirt stands behind a grill inside a restaurant kitchen. Another worker wearing a yellow T-shirt is bending over kitchen equipment in the background.

'A Deep, Systemic Problem': Persistent Backlogs Force State Audit of California Labor Commissioner's Office

Gov. Gavin Newsom, wearing a navy suit, white-collared shirt, and blue necktie, points to his right as he speaks from a podium with a sign that reads, "San Quentin Rehabilitation Center" during his tour of the state of California.

'We Own This Moment': Homelessness, Rehabilitation and Health Care Took Center Stage in Newsom's State Tour

Several people walking outside while others are seated at tables.

State's Promise to Build More Campus Housing Hits Setbacks

A woman with dark hair, a black jacket, gray blouse and jeans stands in front of a dirt road that leads to a gateway entrance of a farm. She looks concerned as greenhouses can be seen in the background.

Thousands of Californians Aren't Eligible for Federal Aid After Storms. Here's Why

Protesters stand on a sidewalk in front of an office, and next to a car with Lyft and Uber stickers on the back. A woman holds a sign that says: Uber: 'Pay Drivers a Living Wage.'

Court Upholds Prop. 22 in Big Win for Gig Firms Like Lyft and Uber

Rushing white waters rapidly flow down the spillway at the Nicasio Reservoir in California as a person in a black hoodie and jeans walks along the levee to the right.

California's Historic Storms Are Refilling Reservoirs Faster Than They Can Handle

A blue and white disability access sign with white arrow points toward an entrance to the left.

He's Filed Over 2,000 Disability Lawsuits in California. His Latest May Mean More Cases Nationwide

Waves crashing onto seaside houses.

Newsom's Climate Budget Would Slash Funds That Protect Coast