2020 Radio Schedule Changes

To Our Loyal KQED Listeners:

We have some exciting news to share.

We are making some changes to our programming schedule starting May 30, 2020,to bring you the very best news and cultural programming that public radio has to offer.

We are not making major changes, as you have proven our lineup to be the best choice for audio in your car, on your phone or on your smart speakers in the Bay Area. However, we are making a few changes to make our lineup more diverse, more up-to-the-moment and more engaging.

Here are the highlights:

We’re starting Morning Edition at 2am Monday through Friday. It’s a changing world, and Morning Edition changes every hour to keep up with it. The first hour of Morning Edition is 2am our time and that’s when we’re going to start our broadcast of one of the most popular programs on the radio.

Here and Now will broadcast for its full two hours on Monday through Thursday. With the addition of Tonya Mosley, the program has become more relevant, timelier and more vital than ever. This move means The Takeaway will move from its noon timeslot.

The Takeaway is moving from noon to 1pm. Tanzina Vega has breathed new life into the program with stories and insight you can’t hear anywhere else. The Takeaway remains an important part of our lineup.

We are eliminating the 1pm broadcast of Fresh Air but Fresh Air, with all of Terry Gross’ outstanding interviews, will remain at 7pm.

1A is moving from 11pm to 9pm. 1A is an important program. We certainly want more people to have the opportunity to hear important, timely conversations from a unique perspective.

Science Friday will remain on KQED. We know Science Friday has a loyal audience. However, to make room for the second hour of Here and Now, we will air the second hour of Science Friday at 8pm on Fridays. So, after the first hour of Science Friday at 11am, we’ll air one hour of Here and Now at noon, bringing you up to date with the latest news and analysis from NPR. Again, the second hour of Science Friday moves to 8pm.

We are pleased to announce we’re adding It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders to our air. Sam Sanders is one of the most engaging personalities on public radio today. His show, It’s Been A Minute is a lively recap of the week and an optimistic look ahead at the next. His show brings a much needed addition to our Saturday morning lineup.

We are pleased to announce we’re bringing The Splendid Table with Francis Lam to our air. Some of the best food on the planet is made right here in the Bay Area. As a regular on Bravo’s hit show, Top Chef Masters, food writer Francis Lam knows food better than most. You are going to love preparing and tasting all that Francis has to offer on the radio.

The New Yorker Radio Hour will move to Sunday at noon.

We love Chris Thile and Live From Here on Saturday night at 6pm. Chris is a very talented musician and his show remains a lively two hours of radio. However, the repeat of Live from Here on Sundays has low listenership.

That’s why we’re moving The Moth and The New Yorker Radio Hour to Sundays following the popular repeat of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

We welcome your input. The changes are outlined in the schedules below. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for being listeners to KQED and thank you for your continued support.


-Jonathan Blakley, Executive Director of Radio Programming

New Schedule

Old Schedule