What Do You Need to Know About COVID in 2023?

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A person with dark skin and blonde hair wearing a white N95 mask and a sharp grey business-style overcoat waits on a subway platform as a train approaches
What do you need to know about COVID in 2023? (Ono Kosuki/Pexels)

As unbelievable as it might seem, we're now approaching a fourth year of the COVID pandemic.

And while the coronavirus is still very much with us, navigating life with COVID might feel quite different for you in 2023 than it did in previous years.

Perhaps you're facing new, confusing challenges without clear answers. We'd like to assist with that. So: What do you need to know?

You might be wondering:

  • What's the latest on COVID variants, and how worried should I be?
  • When might the next round of COVID boosters be here?
  • What do we know about long COVID and how it's affecting the Bay Area?
  • How can people — especially workers — navigate returning to shared indoor spaces, and what kinds of protections still exist?

No matter the topic, share your question with us in the Google Form below. You may see your question featured — and answered — on KQED.org, KQED Public Radio or our social media. We've also left space for you to tell us anything you want to share about how COVID has affected your life. You can stay anonymous if you want to.

We won't be able to respond to every question personally, but what you share with us will help us make our coverage more useful and relevant to you and the people you know. We always appreciate your time and energy in helping us serve our communities.