Under Fire, Overpaid

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A Mark Fiore cartoon highlighting the outrageous $1,500 hourly rate of John Trotter, trustee of the PG&E Fire Victim Trust. Titled "Untrustworthy."

The Fire Victim Trust created to distribute billions of dollars to families displaced by wildfires sparked by PG&E equipment is facing growing criticism after it spent $51 billion on overhead expenses last year.

Thanks to a KQED investigation, we know that the chief administrator of the trust, John Trotter, is billing $1,500 an hour.

Note to trustees and claims managers everywhere: don't pay yourselves $1,500 and $1,250 an hour respectively from the victim fund while thousands are waiting for any payout at all, two years after getting burned out of their homes.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Tone-Deafness-of-the-Year Award appears to be claims administrator Cathy Yanni, who told ABC-7 News that, "lawyers who are lawyers as long as I've been a lawyer with my background... those are the kind of rates that we charge."