Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge's Birthday With Your Historical Photos

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Two girls stand in from of the Golden Gate Bridge on March 14, 2014. (Apple Baytan)

Happy Birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge opened to pedestrians 82 years ago today, on May 27, 1937. Cars were welcomed the following day, and since then, more than 2 billion have crossed the iconic bridge.

We've since seen the historical landmark on postcards, in movies and, of course, with our very own eyes. To honor the bridge's birthday, we asked for your best, most creative, tourist-y or even vintage photos of Goldy. Here are our top picks.

Mrs. Annell Euler at the Golden Gate Bridge's opening day on May 27, 1937. (Courtesy of @WhatWillUThink)
An annual picnic with friends and their mostly rescued chow chows at the West Bluff in July 2009. (Lou B)
A unique perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Katie Torres)
People crowded the Golden Gate Bridge when it closed for pedestrians on its 50th anniversary. (Barry Larkin)
View from Land's End in 2003 or 2004. (Jake Wertz)
A march across the bridge in support of the Green Movement protesting the Iran election on June 26, 2009. (Steve Rhodes)
Yani Poppins swims at Baker Beach in 2014. It was 98 degrees out, she said, the water was warm and there was a seal not far away. (Yani Poppins)
South of the southern tower, people walk north on the Golden Gate Bridge for its 50th anniversary in 1985. "I'm in the center with glasses, my sister Paula has the curly hair just to my right. We were moving so slowly and eventually turned around and went back," Mactavish said. (Mactavish)
This pup's owner had to carry her across the bridge because it was so windy. (@sal3shebaby on Twitter)
The Golden Gate bridge at sunrise. (Gaston Olvera)
The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from a plane taking off from San Francisco International Airport.
The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from a plane taking off from San Francisco International Airport. (John Artim)