How Facebook Friendly Are the 7 California Congressmembers Set to Question Zuckerberg?

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How Facebook Friendly Are the Seven California Congressmembers Set to Question Zuckerberg?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is back in front of Congress Wednesday, answering questions about how his company has handled users' personal data. Campaign finance data show that Facebook has given more to representatives on Energy and Commerce than any other committee, but a KQED analysis of the bills Facebook has lobbied on shows that these California members have voted against the company's interest nearly as much as they've supported it.
Reporter: Guy Marzorati

Counting Up the Price of our Personal Data

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone now that Facebook, like most other free services on the Internet, makes money on our data. We get to use the website for free, it gathers information about us. This begs a truly 21st-Century existential question. What is our digital self, worth?
Reporter: Sam Harnett

Arcata Police Chief Resigns as Year-Old Investigation into Lawson Killing Drags On

It's been almost a year since the killing of David Josiah Lawson, a 19-year-old, black Humboldt State University sophomore. Now, a high-profile law enforcement resignation in Arcata is highlighting just how long it has taken for investigators to find answers.
Reporter: Polly Stryker 

Federal Grant Awarded to Fire-Ravaged California Communities

The federal government has awarded California $212 million to help rebuild communities hit hard by the most destructive and largest wildfires in state history.
Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero

Southern California Water Agencies Vote to Spend Big on 'WaterFix' Tunnels

Twin tunnels that would carry water from the Sacramento Delta south are one step closer to happening. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has voted to spend nearly $11 billion on the project known as the California WaterFix, despite the objection of the region’s two biggest cities.
Reporter: Molly Peterson