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El Cajon Dropping Charges Against a Dozen People Arrested For Feeding Homeless

The city of El Cajon has decided not to pursue charges against a group of people arrested for feeding the homeless. Last October the city passed an ordinance prohibiting feeding the homeless. It has since been rescinded.
Reporter: Matt Hoffman

Program Trains Veterans to Fight Wildfires

The catastrophic wildfires in northern and Southern California this year taxed the state's firefighting resources in unimaginable ways. One way that public safety officials are trying to boost the ranks of trained fire crews is by recruiting military veterans. Over the weekend, around 150 vets were in the Santa Monica Mountains to learn wildfire fighting basics.
Reporter: Libby Denkmann 

Public Schools Begin Testing Their Drinking Water for Lead Contamination

Starting this year, a new law requires all public schools in California to test their drinking water for lead contamination. Lots of districts will be looking to Los Angeles, where school officials have spent decades working on the lead problem.
Reporter: Elizabeth Aguilera 

Report: California Should Consider State Subsidies to Increase Health Coverage

California has been a success story when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, only 7 percent of residents remain uninsured - a historic low. But state officials who want to go all the way, to zero uninsured, haven't decided yet how to do that. A report out Monday from UC Berkeley has some ideas.
Reporter: Carrie Feibel

Fresno Man Pleads Guilty to Shining Light at Police Helicopter

A man in Fresno is facing up to five years in federal prison after he pled guilty to shining a powerful laser at a police helicopter. Court records said the laser Michael Alvarez aimed at a Fresno police helicopter emitted a powerful green light.
Reporter: Alex Hall

California Company Developing 'Smart' License Plates

Smart license plates are being developed and deployed here in California. The company is called Reviver Auto. CEO Neville Boston says the plates offer a lot of advantages.
Guest: Neville Boston