Crowded Field of Oakland Mayoral Candidates Fights for Attention [Video]

With just days left in the seemingly endless 2014 campaign season, we’ve finally, mercifully, hit the homestretch.

In Oakland, that means the mayoral candidates — all 15 of them, not including Einstein the dog — are pounding the pavement for one last push to win votes. You’ve heard the late-night jokes, wondered how ranked-choice voting works and seen the signs littering Oakland streets. But who are these 15 candidates?

Do you know which three of them (yes, three) you’re going to vote for? And in what order?

We’ve been out on the campaign trail for the past few weeks, going to countless mayoral debates, forums, house parties, meet-and-greets, campaign offices, going door to door, you name it.

Here’s a glimpse into how the many campaigns are being run in the crowded Oakland mayoral race.


The field: