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teacher burnoutteacher burnout

What we do (and don't) know about teacher shortages, and what can be done about them

Group of people in circle from diverse culture holding hands.Cooperation and teamwork.Community of friends or volunteers committed to social issues for peace and the environment.Top view

When students' basic needs are met by community schools, learning can flourish

Students in class with U.S. flag in window

America's kids are going back to school. Not all of their teachers will join them

Teacher walking through hallway of a school

Researchers find growth in number of jobs – not exodus – paints view of teacher shortages

Blue pins on four days in a week on a calendar. Friday, Saturday and Sunday crossed out. Four day work week

Why more schools are considering a 4-day week despite some drawbacks

Students raising hand in classroom

We asked teachers how their year went. They warned of an exodus to come

Professional worker sitting in front of her computer and feeling upset. Young woman addicted to internet and have a headache.

How a school district is bringing mental health support directly to teachers where they work 

More than half of teachers are looking for the exits, a poll says

A school principal's blunt warning: We can't pretend the pandemic is over