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High School Math Can Be Playful, Too

Orange background. Hands and forearms reach into center forming a circle with a lighter orange background. A teen sits in circle with backpack in one hand and other hand on forehead.

How do you discipline an in-school overdose? In some districts, you don't

Closeup of several keys on a computer keyboard. Mostly black keys with center key in red and the word "Admission" insteadof a letter of symbol. A small graduation cap rests on the key.

Can AI Someday Help Universities Sort Through College Essays?

Father walks with arm around son's shoulder. Green park scene in background.

How parents can help their kids feel seen

Silhouettes with different faces, head shapes and hair styles. Silhouettes are in different colors including orange, yellow, green, pink and blue. White brain shapes are shown on the head. Inside each brain shape are different symbols inside, including puzzle pieces, music notes, a graph, chess pieces, a scientific formula, letters, numbers and paintbrush strokes.

A group of scientists set out to study quick learners. Then they discovered they don't exist

Arms of different races with bracelets and colorful sleeves reaching toward the center and placing hands on top of each other.

Feds Urge Schools to Protect Rights of Jewish, Muslim Students Following ‘Alarming’ Rise in Bias Incidents

Schools’ Missions Shifted During the Pandemic With Health Care, Shelter and Adult Education

School ed tech money mostly gets wasted. Utah has a solution. 

Hand choosing green happy smiley face paper next to a frown face paper and an OK face paper

Want your kids to be happier and healthier? Start talking with them about uncomfortable emotions