Timelines & VisualizationsTimelines & Visualizations

Includes multimedia timelines, Prezis, and additional exploratory presentation formats

Too Young to Vote, Old Enough to Act: A Brief History of Major Youth-Led Movements

TIMELINE: A History of Political Controversy at the Olympics

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement?

Before #MeToo: The Long Struggle Against Sexual Harassment at Work (with Interactive Timeline and Lesson Plan)

The Twisted Roots of America’s Immigration System (with Lesson Plan)

Stop-and-Frisk: A Brief History of a Controversial Policing Tool (with Lesson Plan)

TIMELINE: The Frustrating Political History of Homelessness in San Francisco

The Chilling Effect: Why San Francisco Gets So Dang Foggy in the Summer [Interactive]

Trump Just Backed Out of the Paris Climate Deal. Here's What the U.S. Is Walking Away From