Episode 120: Ocean Harvest

Watch the tease to Ocean Harvest. Seaside living has, without a doubt, influenced Jacques’ repertoire of recipes to include the freshest fish caught close to his own backyard. On today’s show, Jacques showcases four sophisticated seafood servings, starting with an expertly executed Tuna á la Minute. He then skips the beef and substitutes shrimp for a healthy approach to a classic, with Shrimp Burgers on Zucchini. He goes on to garnish his flaky Grilled Bacalao (Salt Cod) Steaks with Olive Sauce with an assortment of zesty Mediterranean olives for a light and easy dish that cooks in minutes. Then Pasta and Shrimp with Pressed Caviar Shavings cooked al dente, or “to the tooth,” make for a decadent dish, delivered with aplomb!