Election Freaking You Out? Listen to This Guided Meditation for Unhappy News Junkies

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A Bay Area Democrat after the 2016 election. ('The Scream,' National Museum of Norway)

Look, we get it.

It's election day in the liberal Bay Area, and odds are you’re grinding it out. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep. Your mouth is dry, your pits are wet. You need a hug, you want some ice cream. Your partner's annoying, your cat won't cuddle. You’re off Facebook,  off Twitter, on coffee. Your tummy hurts, you have to quit coffee. Who’s going for coffee? Let’s live in Norway. Can we live in Norway? You’re not blond, can’t pronounce fjord. How about Canada? Yeah, Canada. Because of climate change. Ugh. Climate change! Ugh! CLIMATE CHANGE! Oh God, the kids are staring. And now they're crying. 'It’s okay, kids!! We all die sometime! :>' Big mistake. Now they're bawling. They need reassurance. You need reassurance. From Nate Silver. Who knows Nate Silver? It's going to be okay, Nate Silver? ISN'T IT?

Look, If you're at your wit's end, whichever side of the political divide, take a little break with us. Seven years ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn, who helped bring mindfulness into mainstream medicine, visited KQED to discuss a new book, and we took the opportunity to ask him to customize one of his trademark guided meditations into an audio respite for unhappy news junkies. With barely a moment's notice, he took up the challenge and knocked it out of the park. Listen to it here or click on the audio player above.

And then it's time to rejoin the fray.