How Asking ‘What If?’ For One Year Transformed Alisha Fernandez Miranda’s Life

at 9:00 AM
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Alisha Fernandez Miranda (Sammy Tunis)

When people refer to “the one that got away,” they are usually talking about a romantic partner. For Alisha Fernandez Miranda, that phrase applied to a list of jobs and dreams she never pursued. As she reached her late 30s she found herself feeling stuck, burnt out and unhappy even though she seemingly had it all –a thriving family, CEO position, and lots of activities she loved.  She gave herself a year to put her existing life on hold and try out new careers through a series of internships. She chronicled her experience in her new book, “My What If Year.” She joins us to talk about giving yourself permission to explore and what happens when you risk blowing up your life.


Alisha Fernandez Miranda, author, "My What If Year"