How Gen Z Is Reshaping What It Means To Be A Celebrity

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Image of Greisy Hernandez. (Photo curtesy of Greisy Hernandez)

Bay Area native Emma Chamberlain was a kid who used to complain about the DMV on Youtube a few years ago and now is one of Gen Z’s top fashion influencers who works with global brands. She has advice on what to wear this summer, what coffee to buy – her line, of course – and you can follow her exploits during Paris Fashion week. But is Emma Chamberlain a celebrity or an influencer or a content creator or… all three? Gen Z,  born between roughly 1997 to 2012, has a different relationship with social media than older cohorts since it’s been with them most of their lives. We’ll discuss influencers such as Chamberlain and how Gen Z has reshaped what it means to be a social media star.


Madison Semarjian, founder, Mada, an app for styling and buying clothing

Moises Mendez II, culture reporter, Time Magazine

Steffi Cao, social news reporter, BuzzFeed

Greisy Hernandez, mental health and wellness advocate and social media personality