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Forum From the Archives: Gary Shteyngart Tackles the Pandemic Novel In "Our Country Friends"

at 9:00 AM
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Gary Shteyngart's new book is "Our Country Friends." (Photo of Gary Shteyngart by Brigitte Lacombe)

In his latest book “Our Country Friends,” novelist Gary Shteyngart tackles the pandemic novel. In the book, the protagonist, Sasha Senderovsky, a writer whose star is slowly flaming out, gathers his family and high school friends in a pod at his country home to ride out the early days of the pandemic. Lauded by the New York Times as the “perfect novel for these times and all times,” “Our Country Friends uses the pandemic to explore themes of family, longing, and loss all with Shteyngart’s characteristic humor and wit. We’ll talk to Shteyngart, who is famous for his dystopian novel “Super Sad True Love Story,” about what it was like to write in real-time about the dystopia unfolding around him. 

This segment originally aired Nov. 3. 


Gary Shteyngart, writer; his new book is "Our Country Friends." He's also the author of "Little Failure: A Memoir, "Lake Success" and "Super Sad True Love Story"