California Considers New Law to Protect Workers Who Break NDAs to Speak Out Against Discrimination

at 9:00 AM
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When Ifeoma Ozoma detailed the racism and sexism she faced as a Pinterest employee in a Twitter thread back in June 2020, she did so knowing she was in violation of her nondisclosure agreement. Now, Ozoma is co-sponsoring a California bill to protect workers under NDAs who say they’ve been discriminated against on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age. The bill would expand protections passed several years ago for workers who come forward about sex-based discrimination despite having signed an NDA. With no companies formally against the new bill, it could signal a shift in big tech, which has long been protected by NDA practices. We’ll talk about the fight over NDAs and what it could mean for workers in the tech industry and beyond.


Connie Leyva, state senator, California 20th District; author, SB 331, the “Silenced No More Act”

Ifeoma Ozoma, founder and principal, Earthseed; co-sponsor, SB 331, the Silenced No More Act

Megan Rose Dickey, senior reporter, Protocol