As Pandemic Alters American Job Market, More Young People Take on The Side Hustle Economy

at 9:30 AM
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When the COVID-19 pandemic came into full force in 2020, the American job market was hit hard. With many losing their existing jobs, and young Millennials and Gen Z entering a shaky job market, working multiple jobs became a financial necessity. Census data shows that the number of Americans juggling multiple jobs is steadily rising. E-commerce websites like Etsy had a 42 percent growth in new sellers compared to previous years. We discuss the increase of side gigs and how some young people have had to jungle their full time jobs with side hustles, monetizing creative hobbies like cooking and jewelry making to earn extra income. Have you had to come up with a pandemic side hustle?


Jacqui Germain, journalist; 2021 economic security project fellow, Teen Vogue

Adam Ozimek, chief economist, Upwork

Monica Peredes, undergraduate student, UC Davis; founder, Halalqueria, a Latinx Muslim owned small business

Athenia Teng, therapist; artists, Two Roots Shop, a polymer clay earring small business