Taste This: Learning to Make Hard Cider at Crooked City Cider in Oakland

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Leslie Sbrocco, host of Taste This, visits with Dana Bushouse, founder of Crooked City Cider to make Hard Cider the old fashioned way. She finds out that it’s hard work grinding and pressing apples in preparation for fermenting them into hard cider.

A Slam Dunk, Mystery Apples and Apple Facts…
Leslie takes aim at the grinder and learns about apple seeds.

Cider is Like Wine, Same Process Just Different Fruit.

  • It takes a whole tree to make one gallon of cider
    The average apple tree produces 30 to 50 apples each season, and it takes approximately 36 apples to produce one gallon of cider.
  • Cider is used to make popular liquors used in cocktails
    Applejack, which is made from distilling concentrated cider, was the first American spirit brewed with apples during the Colonial period. In France, Calvados is a popular apple brandy distilled from cider, then matured in oak casks for at least two years.
  • Spain is the leading drinker of cider
    In the Basque region of Asturias, more cider is consumed per capita than anywhere else in the entire world. They even have establishments that specialize in serving cider called sidrerias.
  • Hard cider originated over 2,000 years ago
    The fermentation of apple juice dates way back, with evidence proving it was a common drink among the Romans in 55 B.C.