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KQED partners with educational agencies, organizations with educator networks, and content producers to provide educators around the Bay Area and beyond with classroom resources and professional learning opportunities to make learning relevant to students.

Types of Partnerships

  • Professional Learning: KQED partners with educator professional learning networks and education agencies to support educator use of KQED products and services. We also provide professional learning, outreach, engagement opportunities to educators within networks. These agencies include school districts, charter networks and other educational organizations and associations.
  • Content Development: KQED leverages the assets of peer education content developers to complement the use of KQED products and services.
  • Distribution: KQED partners with organizations and companies that support and promote KQED educational content through large-scale educator or student distribution platforms.

KQED Professional Learning Services

KQED is proud to partner with schools, districts and county offices of education to provide a safe space for educators to increase civic media literacy skills and competencies, and collaborate with other professionals to create a set of best practices for integrating digital media into classrooms. Through school and district implementation, KQED professional learning supports are customized and curated to meet school district goals and objectives. 

More information for school and district leaders here.

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